Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Affirmations for Businesses: Episode 1 - Victorinox

        People love to complain about companies, but what about affirming great companies?  Companies that stand behind their products deserve some appreciation.  As more and more things become disposable, having products that are built to last are becoming rather rare.  Quality is making a comeback. 

        This is why I appreciate Victorinox, better known as the company that makes Swiss Army Knives.  Did you know that with every knife you buy from Victorinox, its guaranteed to last a lifetime.  I love how bold of a statement his is, this is a tool that is used and abused, yet they are still confident enough in their product bestow a lifetime warranty on the product.  My dad recently gave my brother and I a Swiss Army Knife that he had meant to give us earlier in age, but had refrained in fear that we might bring it to school and get ourselves expelled.  Now that we are responsible 20 somethings we can be trusted with small cutlery, just goes to show you boys and girls, trust is earned over time not overnight.   In receiving this belated gift the little boy inside of me was rather excited and continued to explore this new gadget, to find it was in a rather used condition.  The red plastic that surrounds the device and gives it iconic look had become loose and would fall off.  The blades, while still sharp had become rather stiff in the housing of the knife.  

        So I googled, repair Swiss Army Knife, and was greeted by a PDF form.  This company does not make you run through any hoops to get something taken care of.  I simply marked a box, indicating that if the knife was not able to be repaired that it could be replaced.  For those with knives with sentimental value, this could be important.  Victorinox simply requested I mail my knife along with a $5 check or money order to a disclosed address.  About a month later I got a small package in the mail with my knife.  Not only had they replaced both plastic sidings, with toothpick and tweezers, but had completely refurbished the knife.  The blades had been sharpened and it now opened smoothly and with ease.  So, hang on to those Victorinox Swiss Army knives and know that if they every start to fall apart, or performance of the cutlery declines you can get it professionally refurbished by the manufacturer for only $5.  There are a lot of pocket knife makers out there, but I know I will be a Victorinox customer for the rest of my life. 

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