Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's Apple Doing?

The Apple is Starting to Fall Far From the Tree
With an iPhone launch with an update to the whole iPod line a few weeks ago and another Apple Event planned within a few weeks, Apple has been busy.  With that said there are a few products I really want to zoom in on. The iPod Classic, the iPod Touch, and the proposed iPad mini.

The iPod Classic

The one that started it all, the Classic iPod.  Simple, Expensive, Outdated.  Why is something that still uses a spinning platter hard drive, cost so much.  When you can go online or even in stores now and buy a 1 TB hard drive for right around $100, why does a device that offers 160 gigs cost $250!  Apple has done nothing to the iPod Classic since 2009.  Nothing has been added to this thing, nothing!  Think about what Apple has done to the iPhone since 2009, the iPhone 3GS came out in 2009!  Heck, by now the iPod Classic could have solid state option, more abstractly think about how many Fanboys would love an Apple Portable External Hard Drive that doubled as an iPod.  This could have been offered at a higher price but the capacity could have been increased substantially.  Apple could have turned it into an Audiophile's Dream, with all that extra storage people could put more lossless music on their pod.  It could have had a more advanced amplifier, digital out option, the list can go on and on.  This poor device has sat stagnant for over 1000 days!!!!

The iPod Touch and Proposed iPad Mini
Apple just launched an updated version of the beloved iPod Touch, often referred to as the Funnest iPod ever.  This device is now a sort of frankenstein of the past 3 iPhones.  It has the same 4 inch screen as the iPhone 5, it has the same processor as the iPhone 4s, it has the same camera as the iPhone 4.  Sounds like Apple had some spare parts it wanted to make use of.  This has turned this device into a very powerful iPod, with a nice enough camera to justify leaving the Point and Shoot at home.  But, at $300 for the cheapest new version of the iPod Touch is now in tablet territory.  With boy Google and Amazon launching 7 inch tablets for $200, its hard to justify the purchase of an iPod touch that costs $100 dollars more for a 4 inch screen.  It makes you wonder, who would buy the new iPod touch?  The iPod touch had become to go to device to give kids.  You could play games, watch movies, listen to music, all without having to risk your iPhone in your child's hands.  At $300 it becomes a purchase that must be considered, and with tablets that have a larger screen and do the same thing, why choose Apple?

The iPad mini is unofficially out in the open.  There have been multiple shots of pricing tiers and shots of a small iPad with a new lighting connector plugged into it.  With the lowest proposed tier possibly being $250 for an 8 gig wifi model.  An iPad that is cheaper then the new iPod touch, whats going on here?  From what I gathering here, Apple is going to do something they never do.  They are going to offer a product stripped down the the bare bone essentials to compete with other products.  Are people going to shell out $250 for a device that is outdated on its launch date?  Why do I have a feeling that just as the new iPod touch is a Frankenstein of old parts, the new iPad mini have a new screen but the guts of its brothers and sisters.

It will very interesting to see what Apple releases at this next event.  Will they cave to demands of consumers, or will they stay true to their apple tree roots and create products that demand consumers cave to them.  

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